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The Ultimate Hot Sauce 5 pack

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This pack is the ultimate hot sauce pack. It include a large range of sauces with different flavours ranging from mild to hot. There is something for everyone in this gift pack. 


The Classic GarlicAs seen on HOT ONES SEASON 12 as sauce number one, The Classic Garlic Freshno is similar to The Original Classic but with 10x the garlic this time! 

Culley's Chipotle No 4. - Culley's top-performing, multi-award winning hot sauce, recently 2019 worlds best Chipotle sauce. This medium-heat, authentic Mexican sauce combines sweet tomatoes, capsicum with dried and smoked jalapeno peppers for that traditional smokey flavour. 

Los Calientes RojoThe NEW Hot One's Los Calientes Rojo! Featuring as sauce number five in HOT ONES SEASON 12! This sauce is similar to the original Los Calientes with a bit of an extra kick. Packed with herbs, apricot and an extra handful of habanero this is going to be your new go-to Mexican hot sauce.

Culley's Ghost No 9.One of Culley's originals; the Bhut Jolokia is fiery, very fragrant and fruity with a slight hint of citrus. It's well known with Indian style cuisine, particularly authentic curries, and also compliments meat, barbecues and tomato sauces.

The Last Dab XXXThe Last Dab XXX is an iconic Hot Sauce. This is an absolute must have for anyone that loves hot sauce. Packed with heat but also flavour, the ginger and turmeric bring a delicious flavour to the sauce. This is a 10/10 level hot sauce, and the Hottest on the Hot Ones lineup