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Hot Ones Season 12 Trio

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This trio includes some of Hot Ones best sauces!  This pack features sauces number 1, 5 and 10 of the new Season 10 lineup! The Ultimate Hot Ones challenge is not complete without this trio of all-stars!


The Classic Garlic Freshno - born from a delicious accident, this edition maxes out the garlic and swaps in beautiful Fresno chiles from Smokin’ Ed’s farm.

Los Calientes Rojo -  a fruity sauce that mixes habanero heat and cumin smoke with the sweetness of apricots and a splash of citrus.

The Last Dab XXX- this sauce needs no introduction. But just in case you forgot, its three different varieties of Smokin’ Ed’s Pepper X form the flaming finish to the lineup, leaving celebrities teary eyed and gasping for the green room.