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Hot Ones Season 13 Full Set

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Hot Ones Season 13 is the most flavourful season of Hot Ones yet! 

This set includes:

- The Classic Garlic Freshno to start, this garlicy sauce is mild but flavoursome, great on anything from eggs to pizza to chicken wings.

- Dawson's Shawarma Sauce in the number 2 spot, a Cayenne pepper based rich hot sauce. This is a mild-medium sauce that brings the flavour. 

Shaquanda's West Indian Curry sauce is number 3 is a warm fruity sauce that is great on barbecued meat and in a stew.

- Angry Goat Pepper Company's Goat Rider is Hot Ones Season 13's sauce number 4.  The combination of Cayenne and roasted Capsicum gives the sauce a warm kick. Great on steak, burgers, grilled chicken and sandwiches.  

- Hot Ones Los Calientes Rojo is similar to the original with an extra kick. Packed with herbs, apricot and an extra handful of habanero this is going to be your new go-to Mexican hot sauce.

- Heartbeat Hot Sauce Company's Scorpion is a combination of Trinidad Scorpion Chillies, beetroot and Chipotle. It creates a delicious sauce that brings the heat and the flavour. 

- Hell Fire Detroit's Bourbon Habanero Ghost is a booze-infused sauce that delivers a kick. The combination of ghost chilli, habanero, apple cider vinegar, lime and bourbon gives this sauce an oaky heat.

- Da' Bomb Beyond Insanity is one of the hottest sauces in the world. It is extremely hot, consume one drop at a time with caution. 

- PuckerButt Pepper Company's Chipotle eXpress sauce is another XXX Hot Sauce! It's great on ribs, in a stew or on chicken wings this sauce will add a crazy heat to your meals. 

- Hot Ones The Last Dab XXX  is packed with ginger and turmeric to bring a delicious flavour to the sauce. This is a 10/10 level hot sauce, and the Hottest on the Hot Ones lineup.